All'swell 31:42.00N 11:29.10W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Mon 4 Oct 2021 17:41

Well finally we are experiencing the Atlantic we have read so much about and been preparing for all this time!


Last night we went about our usual routine of tucking a precautionary reef in the mainsail before settling down to a pretty tranquil dinner speeding along in about 14 kts. About 11 o’clock I was heading for my bunk and Jamie was set to take the first watch when the wind rose steeply to 27kts and the sea state increased to match it. We put a second reef in the mainsail and two in the headsail and strapped in for a bumpy night!!


This morning the day broke to a dark foreboding sky and we finally got to gaze out across the steep sea; steely grey walls of foam-topped waves that had been throwing us around all night but we hadn’t been able to see in the pitch black conditions.


Fortunately we had prepared for a rough day having seen the forecast (although it had arrived several hours earlier than expected) and I had prepared breakfast and lunch sandwiches in advance so we didn’t need to spend long in the galley. Conditions below decks are rather uncomfortable so we have spent most of the day in the cockpit. Meep has been nesting in his hammock and seems to have tuned out the clattering and clunking of everything being thrown around. He had a couple of hours up with us but has now returned to his nest and is sleeping peacefully.


We have had winds between 21 and 32 kts all day now with most of the day 26-28kts average. Despite being rather uncomfortable Hamble Warrior has loved it and has been eating up the miles... we have done about 130nm under sail since yesterday’s update if my calculations are correct. At this rate we could be dropping our anchor off Isla Graciosa (just to the north of Lanzarote) as early as midnight tomorrow.


Haven’t seen much in the way of shipping all day; in fact other than a large cargo ship passing us several miles to starboard as we speak the only other vessel we have seen was the enormous Celebrity Cruise ship “Celebrity Silhouette”.. so its been very quiet on that front at least.


So it has been quite a successful – if not very comfortable – 24 hour run. Despite all the excitement there are only 2 casualties that I am aware of so far; one of our 5 litre water containers detonated in the foreward locker which isn’t surprising as they hadn’t been especially well secured; we might lose another yet; but its not the end of the world, fortunately I managed to move all of our medical supplies before it caused any damage.. and I have a very black and bruised toe after a high speed collision with the galley pump last night but it doesn’t seem to be broken fortunately… and neither is my toe ;)


That’s all folks…