Atlantic Ocean 35:53.17N 05:52.97W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Fri 1 Oct 2021 18:14

The sun is setting on our first afternoon at sea heading from Gibraltar to the Canaries and we now through the straights of Gibraltar and out in the Atlantic Ocean! We have covered approximately 30 miles since we departed our marina berth at 13:30. We rounded Tarifa in a very civilised force 5; Captain only disclosing to his crew that it blows Gale Force 8 here for 300 out of 365 days once we had past!! We are now just off Tangier on the Moroccan coast. What a shame that Covid prohibits small vessels from visiting at this time; We would have so loved to have stopped off.


However, we have our bow pointing towards Lanzarote and conditions have been excellent so far. We have been making 6 knots over the ground regularly in easterly winds between 12-16 knots. Full main and headsail out and goose winging down wind.


We have turned off our instruments for the time being in case there are any Orcas still hanging around in these parts; Although all recent reports have been off the Portuguese coast so we think they are no migrating to Biscay. We did, however spot three very large sunfish amble by which was quite a cool sight.


Magpie has been taking Stugeron so has found her sea legs and been cooking up a storm in galley! We hope for a peaceful first night in the atlantic.