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Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Sun 23 Apr 2023 00:29

Day 32


After the wet and miserable day yesterday we have been rewarded with sunshine and fair conditions today. Blue skies; white fluffy clouds and calm seas. Winds have been force 3-4 and we have managed to make 4 to 4.5kts of speed average for most of the day. We have had the headsail poled out and been sailing wing-on-wing under full sail and pointing in the right direction!

With conditions on board comfortable we have been able to get a few jobs done. Just general housekeeping but it's amazing how much easier it is when we are gently rolling along and not lurching violently from side to side! I used some of our excess rainwater from yesterday to do some more laundry and Jamie has been making dough for fresh bread and took out the bins!!! We haven't really mentioned about rubbish up to this point but it is something we have had to give careful consideration to knowing how long we will likely be at sea for. Today Jamie took the second bin bag of the trip up to our anchor locker to be disposed of when we find facilities ashore. We have been separating out recyclables; crushing them and storing them in a large olive barrel in the forepeak. We have a 1litre plastic bottle that we use for all plastic wrappings and we wash these; cut them into shreds and place them in the bottle, compressing them with a wooden spoon handle every now and again to make space for more. It is amazing how much plastic you can fit into one bottle. The idea for this came from a friend we met in Lefkas several years ago and the idea is that; properly compressed, once full these bottles make what are called "eco bricks" which can be used for actual building projects. Since we left Greece we haven't come across anywhere collecting these eco-bricks but they do serve the purpose of efficiently compressing and storing plastic waste which is ideal for life aboard. Our first bottle lasted over a month and we have just started filling our second one recently. Of our other waste we are cleaning and stowing glass jars as we believe these might be useful for storing goods we might want to trade in some of the more remote Pacific islands. Flour; sugar, rice, even cleaning products and cosmetics can be exchanged for fresh produce in many of these places, or offered as gifts. The only waste that goes overboard is organic waste and although we have always had a clean-wake policy when coastal cruising we have ceded to throwing vegetable peelings and other food scraps (including a lot of rotten eggs) overboard whilst in an ocean*.

We started our day listening to a Frank Skinner podcast as per our usual Saturday morning ritual and this will be our final Saturday where we can do this as today's was the last remaining download; all our previous ones have now expired. Fortunately we hope that next Saturday will signal our last Saturday before we make landfall - hopefully! We did our few jobs and then spent most of the afternoon reading and chatting. Our bag of books waiting to go to the next book swap we see now has nearly as many books in it as our bookshelf! It's a pretty mixed bag too; everything from an exposé on the mystery man behind the great train robbery, Mills & Boon, thrillers by Peter James, Dean Koonz & Ian Rankin to a heartbreaking account by a Syrian Journalist of her time undercover in her homeland and the autobiography of Comedian Sarah Millican... so pretty varied!

Our conversation as it often does turned to what we might do after our circumnavigation and where we might settle; if we do settle, for a few years. This is always an interesting chat and ends up with us talking nostalgically about the places we love on the South coast of the UK and getting misty-eyed over memories of cosy pubs and curry houses in the likes of Gosport, Hamble and Falmouth. It also gets us talking of our favourite places we have spent longer periods during our time on Hamble Warrior; Leros, Torrevieja and more recently Grenada. It's amazing how quickly places feel like home when you stay for a few months.

We have just calculated our 5pm to 5pm daily run and have managed 
133nm in the last 24 hours. The lively conditions overnight boosted our daily run somewhat as today has been fairly calm; slow and steady! Overall though we are very happy with that progress. If we can make a few more 130+ days we will be able to start planning our arrival date!

*Please note this does NOT include tea bags which contrary to popular belief are NOT organic waste as most contain plastic and do not belong in the sea...[climbs back off soapbox]