08:51.383'S 111:29.399'W A quiet day at the office

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Thu 20 Apr 2023 00:26

Day 29


Today has been one of the quietest days we have had so far, therefore it will be a very short blog post to reflect this! We have trolled a lure all day but unfortunately it doesn’t look like fish for tea! We haven’t had to reef the sails in over 24 hours and the wind has been a very stead force 4 for nearly all this time, we gybed the headsail once to remain pointing at our destination. Similar to yesterday the middle of the day was sunny, book ended by an overcast start and finish to the day.


Our daily run has been a reasonable 127NM which we are really pleased about as we had been cautioned we might see some light winds over this period. Thankfully we avoided them and managed to rack up some more miles towards our destination!


We heard from our friends who left at the same time as us that they hope to arrive tomorrow which pleased us greatly and lifted us. They stopped for fuel at the Galapagos islands having used most of a tank getting through the calms and I think they have used most of a tank for the second leg so they are on a very different journey to us, it goes to show what a difference in crossing time the engine can make as we still have at least 12 days to go!


Other than this we have been reading and carrying out a few boat chores to keep everything running smoothly. Meep has taken to sleeping in the forepeak quite a bit the last couple of days which probably reflects an improvement in the motion of the boat as well.


That really is all for today!