We're on the move again

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Tue 26 May 2015 18:13
What a fabulous place Niue is. We are so glad that we made sure we visited.
The Polynesian and New Zealanders who live there are just so welcoming and friendly. The Commodore of the Niue Yacht Club, Keith and his wife Sue are just so helpful, they helped to make the stay brilliant, so thanks to them.
The one thing we thought would be a nightmare, ie where you have to lift out the dinghy on an electric crane, actually proved less difficult than we expected, althiugh since Brian and I were trying to be helpful, Someone managed to run over his toes with the trolley, looked painful.
Its a shame to leave but there is a schedule to keep to and a good weather window, so it was the right time to go. I think 11 of the World ARC boats went yesterday afternoon / evening, so there are only two boats left there.
Next stop is Nieafu in Tonga, which is a large group of islands with the capital in the southern group whereas we are going to the northern group, the islands in the north are the Vava'u group.
It is going to be a strange trip though, because we cross the international dateline. This means that although we left on a monday for a 1 1/2 day trip, so we should arrive on Wednesday morning, we actually arrive on  thursday morning, and thus miss one whole day. As I say weird.
Looks like we are Radio Net Controller for the day, Paul from Juno just asked if we would since he is trying to fix a mainsail problem.
I got asked a question on Facebook about whether the World ARC was worthwhile, unfortunatley the bandwidth on Niue is so low I could not send a reply, but in my opinion its well worthwhile, for the cameraderie  that we all build up and for the help and info given by the Wrold ARC staff, including one full time member always on call with us to help smooth out issues with officials etc.