Fakarava to Tahiti

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Sun 19 Apr 2015 16:31
Funny noght, should have been a straightforward sail to Tahiti, it started well but in the middle of the night it started to go wrong, very light and the wind abgle instead of being East is more North East which means we arent sailing to where we want to go, hopefully it will go back to East.
Fakarava was a great place to stop, the pass into the lagoon was simple and the shleter was great. The local people were very welcoming and there were some great, simple restaurants, called snack bars there, but the fish Mahi Mahi was great as were the steaks. Its portrayed in pilot guides as being commercialised, dont think they understand the concept, its a great sleepy backwater, and very beautiful, I would go back again tomorrow.
Stella and I did a trial scuba dive, whcih went really well, except my ears wouldnt clear and stella removed the skin from her burn, ouch, so thats being looked after carefully now.
Tahiti promises to be a much more commercial place, being very French influenced it should be chic, we will see. Some days on a marina, first since Panama, should be interesting docking, but good to be able to walk ashore etc.