Next stop Galapagos

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Wed 18 Feb 2015 02:38
Hopefully today is the penultimate day, should get to Galapagos on Weds 18th. Got some wind, its been behind us most of yesterday afternoon, night and morning, only started going abeam about 10 an increasing to 12 to 14 kn, too much for the code zero (great big white flappy thing at the front). We have been sailing all day in light winds, but sailing at least and towards our destination, very glad we gybed onto a new course last evening, gave us lots of opporunities to make good progress.
We crossed the 'line' today at about 1706 local time ie \\\\\\\\\utc -5.  \\\\\\\\for those not in the know this is crossing the equator, ubfortunatly the ocean hasnt got a line painted on, but we were able to watch the GPS display read down to 00deg00'.000N and then flip to 00deg00'.000S and build on that side. Neptune then visited and we couldn't find Brian anywhere. Fortunately I have my certificate giving free passge in the oceans, signed by Neptun in 1978, Brian lost or didnt bring it, but anyway we carried on the ceremony without him, Neptune looks very old, not unlike Brian! He dished out punishment to Stella and Dain for transgressing by crossing from North hemisphere to south without his permission and promised to give them certificates of free passage as well.
Enough from me, will write tomorrow if time allows.