Blog date 19-11-2014

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Wed 19 Nov 2014 12:54
Blog update 19-11-14 position 23 55N 18 07W
Interesting time last night, we did sail all night but were heading for Senegal at one time.
Late this morning the front I was expecting came through, big lightning and thunder and lots of rain, winds up to 28 kn, and it went through quickly, the wind is now from the NNW at 12 to 15kn which is a great angle, hopefully stay like this for ome time.
About to have a big lunch instead of supper in case it gets windy. Had a reef in most of the night and a second one in for the storm, now back to one reef, but sialing very comfortably, if slamming a bit.
Good news is that our SSB radio for communicating across long distances is working well, I can hear people and they can hear me, it was a concern before we left.
In touch daily with about 20 other boats within about 100 miles of us, always a comfort when at sea.