French Poilynesia

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Sat 16 May 2015 14:19
It was a sad day when we left the Islands of French Polynesia. The local people are so welcoming and friendly, also the mainly French Europeans are very friendly, its that laid back sort of place. The islands themselves are very beautiful and picturesque, from the MArquesan Group which are the newest, being ex volcanoes that have yet to have coral or to have sunk, they are often cloud covered and dark and moody, whereas the Tuamotos are the oldest, having been volcanoes, surrounded by coral reefs anf the centre volcano has now sunk. The reefs can be very tricky, we found the easiest one, Fakarava, which was quite stunning, pictures do not tell the story. Finally onto Tahiti, Moorea, Raiiatea, Tahaa and finally Bora Bora. This group are in the transition from ex volcanoes to atolls, still mountainous with coarl reefs, Moorea was the scen fo the book and film South Pacfic, Tahiti is known to many people as is Bora Bora and the colours in the lagoons are simply incredible.
We are now en route, via a bit of a dog leg to Niue and then onto Tonga, which are supposed to be one of the most friendly places we stay, if so that will be amazing since so many places we have been have been so friendly.
Looks like a few hours of bad weather tomorrow, strong winds and rain, at least it will be warm, although when the rain is beating down it doesnt always feel quite so warm.