Second day on the way to San Blas islands

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Wed 21 Jan 2015 20:23
Hello folks, what a great nights sailing yesterday that was 20 to 30 knots of wind from behind us averaged over 200 miles for the day, which is great for us. On our AIS tracker ( its a device that if you have an AIS receiver you can pick up any bots around up to, in sail bots 10 to 15 miles or in the case of ships up to 100 miles, we also send out our position, its a great bit of kit and we rely on it to avoid collisions with ships, but also to keep in touch with boats in our fleet) we had Juno, Makena and A Plus 2 in view most of the night, lost the last two for a while dodging a ship for two hours, but back in view now.
The talk on our SSB net this morning has been do we stand off the San Blas Islands until morining, or go in and try to anchor. Quite a few of us are slowing down, A Plus 2 looks to be, we are, we still have two reefs in the main so we dont get there too soon, alsthough it looks like a 0200 arrival so we will go in the East Hollande Cay cannel which is very deep and then inch our way around.  The charts (maps) in this area are not great and we aim to use these as a guide and do all pilotage in daylight so we can see the reefs.
Will let you know how we get on.