Blog date 8-12-2014

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Mon 8 Dec 2014 21:22
What a fun day. Started out with some great sailing but then  turned to heavy rain, then about 1130 we got a big squall, stayed with us for nearly two hours with winds up to 37 kn, and sustained at 39kn for mins at a time, I helmed since woried that the autopilt might say enough, but with two reefs in the main and a half furled genoa it was very light, felt a bit like helming the Volvo race boats, top speed was 13.6 knots, and sustained 11 to 12 for mins at a time. Then that went and no wind, Roger started fishing and caught a Mahi Mahi, alternative nmae may be a dolhin fish or Dorado, any way he was trying to bring it in just as we hit 8 knots, so I luffed up and stopped the boat and we got it alongside, looked like a yellow plastic bag. when  we got it on deck it started to go blue and black, but later when cooked tasted great.
Under 300 miles to Martinique, we will gybe sometime in the nnext few hours and head up from where we are to MArtinique, probably two days from here. its approx 14.3 N and 61W abd its a part of France.thats all for tomight John