Blog date 30-11-2014 second edition

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Sun 30 Nov 2014 21:40
Hello all, after a frustrating morning when we had to motor, after lunch we set the Asymetric spinnaker, and it made a difference especially when the wind went up to 12 to 14 kn, cruising along happily at 7 knots. excellent. Stella made some great bread rolls which is amazing to eat at sea.
Furled the spinnaker at sunset, safety issue for us since we are only four and our average age is the wrong side of 60! While tidying up all the ropes etc I spotted another sailin vessel, first boat we had seen in a few days. Got on the VHF and its an American boat who set sail from Marina Lanzarote the same day we did, in fact for a day or two they were the next boat to us until they got moved to be with the other Atlantic Odyysey boats. how bizarre is that, a whole ocean and after two weeks ish we catch up with a neighbour.
Any way the wind has dropped back to 10 kn so we are crawling along at 5 kn lets see what tommorrow brings,