4th day en route to Galapagos

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Mon 16 Feb 2015 19:04
Last night we eventually got some breeze and started sailing, much better, this morning we put up the code zero (like a superiszed lightweight Genoa) and this has been powering us along well.
Last night we saw aobout 100 metres to 1/2 mile off a school or pod of whales, not sure if they were Pilot whales or a bit bigger, seemd happy enough on their own, didnt come to look at use.
Last night we had 4 swallows, or similar species to this land on the boom, must have stayed overnight looking at their kind deposits!
Thius morning at daybreak a Tern visited us and landed on the foredeck, didnt stay more than an hour, and left a deposit as well. Pretty soon we should be able to start selling Guano.
This morning we saw a pod of Dolphins jumping and playing approx 100 meters away. They started to come our way then changed course. Never mind, expect they saw a shaol of fish which will be way more interesting to them than we are.
At 0900 we saw 15 meter fihing vessel and 4 much smaller dorys, thought little of it until one of them came speeding our way, we thoughtt maybe to alert us to a net they had laid. No, seems they were asking for food, which for us is in short supply alrady, except tinned. We did wonder if it was a trick, but they soon got bored and went away. I was on the SSB net with our othe fleet of boats so I warned them in case, several were listening out ready to motor our way if necessary. Juno was approx 15 mile away and offered to divert if needed, in the end not necessary but thanks anyway.
Stellas birthday today, so I am doing llunch and dinner. Luc from Makena sang happy birthday in French over the SSB radio, many thanks all.