Blog date 1-12-2014

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Mon 1 Dec 2014 12:59
A new day, a new month. Last night we passed within 1/4 mile of Serenity, a USA boat which has spent the last 4 to 5 years and we were next to them in Marina Lanzarote for a couple of days - small world.
At 0100 we gybed onto port since the wind went more south of east and this gave us a better angle to Antigua, unfortunatley over the next three hours it went back to the north east and so we gybed again. Now in our racing days a gybe, even with the spinnaker up takes maybe a minute, at sea, at night with our current configuration we have to furl the genoa, take off the gybe preventer from the mainsail boom, safest is to tack the boat around,since it was blowing at 20kn, then re attach the gybe preventer, let the mainsail out again, and finally pull the genoa out, and set the new course, as well as tidying up all the bits of string. Even so two of us managed this inside 15 mins in the dark.
Today Stella is cooking bread again, yesterdays was excellent.
Our position at noon was 1749N 3700W