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Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Mon 13 Oct 2014 13:04
Well we thought leaving on Saturday was a good idea, since the forecast for \sunday and Monday didnt look great -wrong - probably best to leave on Friday this week!
Straight into a lot of driving rain, then nice, Roger caught 4 fish for supper.  \then in the evening after lots more rain we caught a big squall inc lots of thinder and lightning, hit by at least a 35 kn gust knocking us well over.  From the yellow brick tracker you will see we were running in front of the wind, and big seas until last night.
Now no wind, but big swell, probably at least 10 foot when it reaches the beaches. |Not far from Agadir now for any surfers tracking us, I well remember lots from Newquay used to spend their winters there.
No Dolphins, but lots of ships, had to call quite a few last night to ask them to confirmthey had seen us, all responded.
Looks like we should be in to Lanzarote by Weds, hoping to sail again lter, been motoring for 13 hours as I write this, must work out how to update facebook as well,
John Stella Brian and Roger