Leaving Santa Marta

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Tue 20 Jan 2015 22:43
it was with a heavy heart that the fleet left Santa Marta, the welcome in Columbia has been quite unbelieveable, they put on an excellent display of customer service. Yes there are no doubt problems in the country, but the government and business people try to keep us away from this.
The start was great, it was either A Plus 2, Juno or ourselves first over the line, then a grat reach for 30 miles in 25 to 30kn, we have just turned downwind and we have approx 20 to 25 kn of wind behind us.
Next stop San Blas islands, part of Panama, interesting pilotage but cruies liners go in there, and it looks very picture postcard beautiful.