Blog date 7-12-2014

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Sun 7 Dec 2014 20:46
Hello campers, hi, oh no thats something else.
Last night and this morning were great plenty of wind in a good direction, so we had good sailing, then later today it stoppped, we had just put up the assymetric spinaker when the wind dropped to 1.7 knots, so furl up put engine on and make supper, then a big squall cloud loomed over us, and there is often a lot of wind, like gale force, another boat approx 300 mile norht of us had 45 knot squalls yesterday and today, so we dont want that and need to be prepared. Wasted effort in the end but better to be safe than sorry.
Nothing too much happened today excpet Stella made some excellnt bread rolls!
Thats all folks John