Update for 8th and 9th March 2015

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Tue 10 Mar 2015 04:28
We are well on our way towards the Marquesas, tonight we pass the 1/3 distance, in just over 5 days and the past two days have seen better progress in the right direction. The current has just turned against us, hopefully that will reverse sometime soon and help again.
Yesterday although a fast day for passage making was not great on other count, we took a wave inside the boat, no damage just some wet bedding etc, someone put a wet wipe down the toilet and blocked it, and I had to remove the various pipes to remove it, thanks Dain! Various other small issues but al in a days sailing, like the DuoGen drive coupler failed again, second time this trip, fortunately we carry spares and after an hour playing on the back of the boat it was fixed. 
We also gave some advice to another boat in our fleet who seems to have had continual engine problems, between us and Andy from Pentagram we seem to have helped them to solve the issue for now, hopefully permanently.
We saw on the AIS this morning a 78 metre fishing boat heading our way on a collision course, overtaking us, we altered course so he would go to our starboard rather than cross in front and a while later he called us up on the VHF radio to advise he would alter course to go behind and to starboard, great to have a helpful fisherman, wish they wer all like that.
Later this afternoon Juno let us know that a fishing boat, without AIS had passed them only 400 meters away from in front, half an hour later we spotted the same boat but about 4 miles away from us. Thanks Juno who are about 20 miles ahead of us.