Blogdate 3-12-2014

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Wed 3 Dec 2014 18:39
Today was fun, sarted with little wind, and we decided to fly the asymmetric spinaker. First problem too long a tack line, rolled in sail dropped to deck shortened line re hoist try to unfurl, not having it. Dropped again, thought it was sorted but on rehoist still no good. Dropped again, got cross, had a cup of tea and unfurld all 18 metres of it within the cabins, tad tricky but all done. Ready now for a rehoist in light winds. Winds now up to 18 to 20 kn and a much better direction. The technical term for the above is a FUBAR, or SNAFU, i am sure you can work this out. But if anyone asks how we spand our days its often correcting FUBARS and its SNAFU.
After several days with no vessles within AIS range today we had four, one at closest range of 20 NM, one who had to alter course to miss us, in the midst of the ocean, and latest is about 80 miles away, but will iss us by 60 miles. Lastly we had Challenge four, one of the 72 foot challenge boats ex Plymouth within 10 miles range, not for long and dissappeared now, but I was on the SSB to them yesterday. Bizarre.
Anyway today we should be halfway from Cape Verdes tp Antigua, or 1000 ish miles to go.
Still no fish, whats happengin Roger?