Saturday 7th March

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Sun 8 Mar 2015 05:23
Busy day today as the SSB Net controller. The SSB is a radio, very similar to a ham amateur radio, whereby you can transmit over vast distances with a relatively simple piece of kit. It was until satellite comms the only way ships could remain in contact, ditto for aircraft. Its use has fallen a lot now for commercial use but for us yachties its a great way to keep in daily touch. We have a morning and evening roll call, position and wind stregth and directin plus any other useful info.
Plus it was getting much windier today often 25 to 30 kn, so we put in a second reef, no change in boat speed but much more comfortable. The seas were getting bigger and often beam on, not a great angle, but now its getting better. Plenty of squalls today as well, and we broke the Duogen again. This is a great machine that we tow just behind the boat and we get a lot of electric power to charge our batteries, I suspect I had the wrong propellor on,for lower speeds and as we were hitting 10 kn regularly the deliberate weak link broke. \got spares, but only a couple, best order some more.
Too fast for fishing,maybe tomorrow.