Isabella island, Galapagos

Exocet Strike
John & Stella Dyer
Sat 28 Feb 2015 15:04
We are on the move again! Just spent a few days at anchor at Villamil, Isabella Island Galapagos.  Saw lots of smaller Sealions, marine Iguanas swimming by the boat and Penguins, really great to see how fast the Penguins can swim.
Did a couple of tours, one around the reef near the anchorage to see where there is an area where the marine iguanas lay their eggs. At this reef we saw about 10 white tip reef sharks, quite big, maybe 6 - 8 feet long.  Plus turtles, Blue footed Boobys (relative of the Gannet), Penguins etc, followed by a snorkel trip with the guide, where we saw some really colourful reef fish, quite big as well. Plus swam with turtles, saw some Barracuda, and sharks. Great tour.
The second one was Frida, an all day tour starting at 0700, first up was the Pink Flamingos, then up to the rim of one of the volcanoes, which was approx 6km across and 18km circumference. Bit of a hike but it was still early in the day so not too hot. Great spectacle, and it last erupted only 10 years ago, but only some lava flow and a lot of ash.  Next part was to some lava caves, not great, and Stella lost her footing and cut her leg and arm, she'll live. Finally to a Giant Tortoise breeding centre for lunch, not tortoise of course. Then back to town to get our Zarpe, or movement papers, its very controlled here.  Dain and Anna went onto the snorkelling bit of the tour, and Brian went off to the bar.
Sorry to be saying goodbye to this island, and there are 6 of use leaving for Santa Cruz today, that only leaves Pentagram, who may be leaving tonight.
We shall only be in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz until Wednesday, then we are off on the long trip to the Marquesas.