Cala Mondrago

Fri 31 Aug 2018 17:17
39:21:001N 003:11:269E

Tikka has been on her travels - down the coast of Portugal to Gibraltar where Loz flew out to join them.

We decided to high tail it out of Gibraltar straight away and headed into the Mediterranean with Martin, Loz and David aboard. We had a pit stop in cartegena for a quick overnight and then headed up to Formentera where we picked up a buoy and spent a very pleasant few hours enjoying the unspoilt beauty of Espalmador. We took the dinghy ashore, indulged in boat pizza and a swim before pointing Tikka in the direction of Majorca so David could catch his flight home.

We arrived in Arenal near Palma mid morning so enjoyed lunch and a swim in the pool before waving David off in a cab to the airport.

Martin and Loz stayed overnight and then set sail for Cala Mondrego - one of our favourite places (although it was more of a motor than a sail as wind was on the nose as it always is in the Mediterranean).

We are currently sat relaxing with a glass of fizz enjoying the tranquility