Wed 4 Apr 2018 20:10
17.37.682N 61.51.120W
We finally managed to leave Antigua - the customs computer had us arriving on 19th April instead of 19th March so said we couldn’t leave as we hadn’t arrived! Thankfully a very helpful customs lady let us clear out manually.

We headed out of English Harbour and sailed up to deep bay in the north of the island for an overnight stop before going on to Barbuda.

The following day we hit some weather squalls on the way over but they were soon over and the sun came back out as we headed into 11 mile beach.

JPEG image

Like many islands Barbuda suffered in last years hurricanes and they haven’t really progressed with rebuilding. A large section of the beach/sandbar was washed away leaving a wide entry into the central lagoon. Whilst there was not a lot ashore the bay and the beach were stunning and the place was very quiet - only about half dozen boats in the entire bay.

Tomorrow we are off to St Barth.