22nd November 2017 15:55.N 043:14W

Wed 22 Nov 2017 14:32
15:55N 043:14W
Hi all
MF No wind!!.  Still lucky we have diesel  spoke to a catamaran Green Canoe last night on the radio seems they have the same problem, running out of beer we are bang in the middle of the Atlantic and its like a mill pond. oh well we have movie club tonight.
DF    Day 73 on the hot and bothered booat.Woke this morning to the familiar sound of.......you guessed it....no wind. Decided to go continental for breakfast, cheese and dried meats and a glass of orange juice... Anyway the first bit of excitement was FG hooking a rather large Dorado, but I think I'll let him tell you all about that later in the blog.So after a quiet morning of sitting and looking and looking and sitting the afternoon came and MB and myself (sorry for all the and's) were witness to what can only be described as a display of culinary genius, tonight's dish was on the menu as a Vegetable Dall with pan fried Spam......Terry Nutkins was up for cooking again and under FG'S guidance a pressure cooker was prepared with all the ingredients that  smelt amazing.!7.00hrs came and with all the gusto of Keith Floyd, glass of red in hand,TN started to heat up the Dall,next he decide to tackle the tin of Spam (slurp), hence came the first hurdle,"why wont this bl##dy tin opener work" came the cry from the galley, which started the giggles coming from the saloon eventually the lid came off and contents splattered onto the worktop (slurp)TN carved the spam into "even" slices and prepared the frying pan (all the time the giggles were erupting from the cheap seats),now FG had given strict instructions about how to the fry the spam to which his first words(Gordon Ramsey style) on coming down the companion way were "howa mucha bloody oil youa puta in da pan" followed by "youa calla those evena slices? thata ones thicka and that onesa thin" DF and MB erupted into laughter and Keith Floyd took another slurp of red...FG's final comment was "dis isa burnt,I cana smell it, donta take froma the bottom of the pana". The food was served in the cockpit and  despite all the mishaps and laughter it was  bl##dy amazing with seconds for all. So thanks again to TN for another great meal and entertainment..
TB  Bit worried about the newly formed handlebar moustache on DF. Maybe something to do with missing clues and trying to emulate inspector poiret. Reading about the culinary exploits DF asked if it was lamb or beef mince that goes into Sheppard's pie......clue is in the name Mr F who is now vying for the Terry Nutkin mantle. Am really enjoying top chef tips from FB (genuinely !) Tonight's show will be reminiscent of the Fanny Cradock and Jonny show -.(Jonny always gets told off-ummm). Back to reading the words of wisdom of Spedan. Just put the sails up to conserve diesel and powering along at 4 knots - we need more wind  !- shall do another curry tonight to help things along Smile emoticon
FG very good start of the early morning, after successful change lines on a new real hooked a large Dorado 40lb plus ,following a 15 minute of intense fighting the still unfortunate large fish had lost his strengths and was ready to be winched up to the boat by MF under strict surveillance of MB heaving previously winched up deck a large tuna 25lb earlier last week ....
fortunately for the dorado MF handle the line too soon ( under my suggestion) and got away freely exhausted and left all of us with a what would be test like flavor in our mouth ....!!!!!
back to plan A for dinner , lentils potato and vegetable curry with shallow fryed spam medallions coated with oriental spicy ...for the rest all in good spirit until the beer last.  
MB Last nights episode of 'The Tim 'n' Fabrizo Show' was a killer. Tears of joy all round. Tim started cooking just before dusk, and obviously was so engrossed, he was unaware of the deepening gloom. To the extent that at one point he was cooking in the dark - both physically and mentally. Suffice to say that illumination came to his rescue when he set fire to the tea towel, a plastic mat and one of the utensils. Enter stage left his little Italian friend, and off it went. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better it did. You should also bear in mind the difference in stature between Tim and Fabrizo. Fabrizo staring skyward to tell Tim off, and Tim staring down, looking quite capable of picking up Fabrizo and putting him in the fridge. Fantastic.
With the passage taking longer, due to very light winds, the 'booze' supply is dwindling. In an effort to make the supply of dodgy white and red wine go further, we have experimented with producing our own 'rose'. As it turns out, this will make the wine supply last forever... it is dreadful.
Hot news!!! Fabrizo just caught a barracuda. Guess what we're having for lunch? I just hope that it's a Tim'n'Fabrizo joint effort.