Passage to Bermuda

Fri 18 May 2018 23:02
24.25.452N 64.38.185W
With a find farewell to the BVIs (we will be going back|), we set off on Wednesday lunchtime, and now all I can see is sea!  We are two days into our passage to Bermuda and all is going well so far.  High winds and large waves have made cooking a bit of a challenge but the first night we managed Chinese chicken and veg noodles, and tonight is fish that Augustin caught yesterday - large fish with tuna like flesh but no idea what is actually is, but has already given us cerviche for lunch.  Lots of waves breaking over the boat mean many unintentional showers and everything is rather salty but weather is due to settle down over the next few days.  Its quite refreshing to have no phone signal or access to email (only via satellite coms).  Making sure I enjoy the last few days on Tikka and trying not to think about returning to reality.
Two days out from Anegada and half my clothes are wet and salty.  We keep getting rogue waves over the starboard rail ever half hour, so today I have decided to wear board shorts.  The barometer has started rising so hopefully tomorrow the confused seas of the Atlantic swell and the trades will cease and we will start entering the Bermuda high.  Just enjoyed a nice shower with clean dry shower.
Great cruising around the islands! First day on a long passage, feeling queasy but getting sea-legs now and feeling good.
Trying out various ways to pass the time such as dancing the bachata (semi successful) and reading up on celestial navigation. We will see who gets there first! Enjoying the sea and looking forward to Bermuda.
Le francais est une belle langue. tachons de l`utiliser a bonne essient. La mer est belle et le soleil est rond. smile !