Back in the bay....

Sat 13 Jan 2018 17:27
We have had a few nights in the marina at Rodney Bay getting some work done - water maker now works and we have electric toilets!

We caught up with the Tucker family on Rogue (NZ family sailing from France back to New Zealand with 3 young boys), and enjoyed a sociable couple of evenings with them before they head off to Martinique.

We needed new UV strips on our sails so we spent a day crawling round on hand and knees removing the old ones in the local sail loft. Yes Loz was allowed loose with a scalpel and only needed first aid kit once (a plaster fixed the job and no blood on the sails - which Martin was more concerned about).

Glad to be back out in the bay - our neighbours in the marina had someone on board who practised the violin for an hour or so every night - ouch!

We eventually found the dinghy dock near the mall and supermarket, but were very restrained and only went to supermarket although we did stock up on wine including one called ‘Fat Bastard’.