thurs 16th 016.16N 031.13W

Thu 16 Nov 2017 20:20
016.16N 0031.13W
Hi All
DF Day 11 on the big brothers Boooat,I need to take you all back to the Las Palmas to Mindelo leg of our trip,its regarding the pod of teenage dolphins that we spotted loitering around the corner turns out that having regaled the story to Lucy of Flying   she confidently informed us that the dolphins were probably Pilot Whales who apparently are known to carry blades and can be quite nasty pieces of work responsible for a lot of blags  and muggings,so best not  to mess with them. Awoke this morning to the sound of not a lot of breeze and and Tikka tip toeing along,so rang through to the galley for tea in my cabin, amazingly a cup of steaming hot char arrived curtsey of  MB some minutes later....happy days......After breakfast I decided it was time to give Tikka a little polish so spent most of the day with a scrubber (fnarr fnarr) and a bottle of Cif... tomorrow i'm going to do the port side .
MB Today was really interesting. Got up, had a cup of tea. Read some of my book. Watched Dave polish the deck. Read my book. Watched Dave polish the deck. Read my book. Had lunch. Had a beer. Read my book. Watched Dave polish the deck. Read my book. Fell a sleep. Watched Dave polish the deck. Had a beer. Read my book. Watched Dave polish the deck. Had a beer. Had supper. Went to bed. Really looking forward to tomorrow.
TB Interesting day watching DF with his scrubber. Very impressed with his perseverance and the topside is gleaming on the starboard side- cant wait to see the port side coming up to the same standard tomorrow. Sheppard's pie went down well yesterday and has appeared to clean the tanks with good effect. Lots of reading today and looking forward to film night with Rush -James Hunt / Nikki Lauda 1976 F1 season - watched the British GP that year with my Mum at Brands Hatch ! FB has done a chili tonight - another yum yum gastronomic extravaganza Smile emoticonReally enjoyed Back Gammon and Chess games with FB this afternoon
MF TB has been really good at Watches this trip but this morning i had to give him a prod i think its an indication that were all getting into our routines or there was to much vino at movie club
TB has got the meridian sights nailed so we are today within 5 miles of GPS  FG has tried hard today but no fish supper i finished my book and i think we are all settled. dont say anything but ive been watching wind pick up its been above 10k  just  seen 15k  shhhhh dont say nothing
FB  one more day gone ..,, still no wind we only average 4-5 kt under sail and a good 6-7 when engine also on , we need couple of day of good wind so we can make it to Barbados in time for MB flight and most important we are risking of running out of beers at this slow pace ,!!!!!!