wed 29th November N 012:13;04 W 056:38;32

Wed 29 Nov 2017 13:14
 N 012:23;273   W 054:45;993
DF Day 72 on the big blubber booat,So after days and days of little or no wind we headed south and finally picked up some breeze....hooray......Monday brought a day of great sailing and some pretty big squalls along with some wet stuff falling from the sky that we haven't seen for three weeks!! Into the evening and I got up at 11.00 hrs for my shift to find ahead of us a beautiful moon lit ocean and about 15-20 knots of wind....however astern of us the sky was full of black menacing clouds charging along at 30-40 knots, within half an hour the wind began to build 15-20-25-30 knots with the biggest gust around 36knts sending Tikka screwing off down the 4m waves at a fantastic (if not butt clenching) 10 knts. After 45 mins of the roller coaster the squall finally passed over us and we continued enjoying 15-20 knots over the decks, 01.30 hrs handed over to MF and tried to get some kip (no chance).
     So on another note, Drought Sunday had  arrived with the wine, rum and beer finally running out, as the day went on The Intoxicated Three DF/MB/TB started to sweat and fidget a lot , it took them a day to realize that there was the option of some dodgy whiskey in the drinks cabinet, that lasted till Tuesday afternoon so it was back to sweating and fidgeting. MB did comment that he'd never drunk so much bl##dy water in his life.
  We're under 300 miles from land now so I'm sure they'll make it (although I did see MB eyeing up some antifreeze this afternoon).
TB DF decided to have a hair cut today. Tramlines , a dodgy mustache and one eyebrow all seem a bit strange still after day 72 on the booat  but maybe understandable. Nice to have some great sailing at speed yesterday although things have calmed down a lot. Have to run the generator in the mornings to run up the battery so today and yesterday saw a morning matinee watching Charlie  Angels- nobody can say that we have not continued to enjoy the cultural high end films. Film night to continue in the man cave at home! Anyway have to attend to the corn beef hash and handover to someone else. FB says I still do not follow his instructions - ho hum Smile emoticon  DF had secret stash of Coca-Cola in his bunk - better than anti freeze !Looks like 1st December into Barbados so looking into changing flights from St Lucia to Barbados to be back in UK 3rd/4th !40 degrees to- 6 Sad smile emoticon
MB A great days sailing yesterday. Made lots of ground. A strange occurrence last night as we sat in the cockpit enjoying yet another feast courtesy of Fabrizio. We were charging along at about 8 knots with a 20 knot following breeze and big swell, the sun had set and the glow in the sky was fading, when everyone sat bolt upright and stared into the forward gloom. We'd all heard the very distinctive 'ting' of a bell on a buoy. If you ever been stuck out in the Solent in a fog, you'll know the sound. It says 'I'm big and made of metal, and I'm gonna put a big hole in you..' Tim was quick to the chart to check if anything could possibly be near us, and the search light came and combed the waters infront of us. 'Ting' there it was again. 'What the f*!k is it?'. We couldn't see a thing. 'Ting' again. 'Turn the music down and listen real careful' someone said. Silence descended and five relatively worried sets of ears were twitching. Nothing. Silence. Where is it. Silence.
After about five minutes we realized that they had overdubbed the bell sound onto the reggae track we were listening to.
There may not be any booze left on board, but we can still put on a pretty good impersonation of a bunch of p*ss heads.
MF Yep its been A different crossing no wind frustrating!! but a good crew all keeping busy and its been interesting  watching each and all starting to get in the groove although film club seems to have gone from evening club to morning matinee Mon morning charlies angels, Tues morning charlies angels followed by Guy Martin Speed!! 
But i will say after a month on board Tikka the sail change today sorted pronto !!.
 we can  smell land 186m to go.
FG good team work this morning on change of sail , from twin head set on 257 degrees with 20kt plus wind behind us, to three white sail set on direct course to north Barbados at 310  degrees
180 ish NM to go , at the moment averaging  8kt so all going hunky dory !!!!  still managed to knock up a poor fisherman Moroccan style cus cus  .......
Barbados here we come ....late lunch on Thursday 30.11.2017 ...miss you all see you soon . over and out