Tobago Cays - snorkelling with turtles

Sat 6 Jan 2018 14:33
12:37:944N 061:21.406W
We left Grenada and headed to Union Island just for a night but we will be going back now Martin has discovered there is kite surfing  just off the beach.
The last couple of days has been spent in Tobago Cays, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the crystal clear turquoise waters.  We are on a mooring buoy near to Baradal, and have been snorkeling off this small island with numerous turtles.  It has been magical watching these amazing creatures munching away on the bottom and then slowly and artfully swimming up to the surface to poke their heads out of the water - simply stunning.  Several times we have been sat on the deck and noticed a turtle next to the boat peering quizzically at us for a few moments before diving back down again.
We dug out the GoPro for the second turtle trip - and now have lots of short videos and photos of us trying to work out if the GoPro is working and switched on plus a few videos of the turtles (also found some great photos and videos of dolphins - above and below the water from Tikka's time in the Med). 
The views here are spectacular and we took a walk to the top of Baradal to take in the scenery of the Cays and on the way saw iguanas and a large tortoise, which made us ponder how they got there in the first place?
We've had baguettes and banana bread delivered to us and been offered fresh (and still wriggling) lobsters, really don't want to leave but we are heading off today as we need to get back to Rodney Bay so the new water maker motor can be fitted, but this is a place we will definitely come back to -  will upload some photos when we have a proper internet connection.
Martin is currently under the boat scrubbing her hull as Tikka has a very dirty bottom and it is slowing us down, so better go and assist.