Wed 8th 22.35N 19.46W

Wed 8 Nov 2017 12:51
22.35N 19.46W
       DF (to be read in your best Geordie accent (Carole)) Day 4 on the big brother boat,a rather musty smell has developed in the forward cabin!!!!!this has  been blamed on a water leak behind some paneling in the heads and not MB or DF.FG insists that the smell has filtered to other parts of Tikka ,particularly the aft cabin! so the saga continues.We had our first afternoon movie club yesterday (which will be no surprise to jenny that i instigated it) not sure if its a first but mid Atlantic The Life of Brian  brought about many chortles (silly person)        
       MF wind died yesterday 10kts NE so put  the big boy up  for a few hours  could get nowhere near our course so put my preferred twin headsails back up. The swell has decreased so been doing  chores this morning DF and MF Have got the floors up looking for shower leak DF found weep in hi pressure union on water maker allsorted,ive got the washing machine on at the moment as it is very hot on deck today full sunshine so ideal for drying ill do another couple loads FB has got lunch on the go smells great and i think were having some dorado that he caught for dinner to night TB has been working through reduction tables and celestial work sheets ready for our sextant lessons this afternoon.
     MB Fantastic day yesterday - a big school of dolphins playing round the bow for ages. Absolutely beautiful. If you stay on the bow, they stay with you. Go away, they go away. Come back, they come back. They often turn on to their sides and you'd swear they're eye-balling you. It's probably true. Strangely, when DF smiled at them, they all buggered off.
 TB's been busy with his celestial navigation. It takes a bit of time to do the calculations, but apparently at 10.47am yesterday we were just off The Needles. .
     TB .Ummm bit of an exaggeration by MB just 60 miles or so out but now doing sun sights running fixes and meridian passage- its all  coming back (sort of)Food by FG has been brilliant. just changed watch system which is giving us all more sleep! Looking  forward to the film club this afternoon but might have to vet DF dodgy film collection. Have been impressed by twin headsail configuration - have learnt something new Smile emoticon We just need the wind to come back .Looks like a Saturday arrival in Cape Verde!
 FG can we please watch foot ball ( not 1966) or mr Been or D. Boy satira is good but not too much !!!! fishing is poor 3000 mt deep ocean only dolphin or the odd sailor from the arc lost with out weather report facility or contact from the rest of the world that why our companion ship  victoria is gone ... on the other end maybe already in cape verde is David with Flying ..we are not worried MB and TB now know how to use a sextant ....well done all keep up with the good spirit ...(This written in Italian english)
Bye for Now Tikka