Fri 24th 14:59N 47:33W

Fri 24 Nov 2017 21:56
14:59N 47:33W
Hi All
MF This Morning started of  well woke to 10 knots of brereze and were actually sailing for a few hours although we have gone well south of the rhumb line we are bobbing around in the atlantic current speed 2knots 240 Degrees.
We Had A good swim Yesterday mid Atlantic only 3 miles from land (straight down) Ran the water maker for a couple hours so after movie club tonight we should be full tanks again.
FG   long way to armadillo bay , next fishing ship we will encounter at night we should ask for some spare diesel , we pay American dollars cash !!!!
MF just change to 220 degrees so we may pick up some coffee or else from our soon neighboring countries Columbia... 
miss you all ,Marie ,Giacomo , and Rosie ecc ecc , please do not get another dog .see you soon if the wind pick up ....  ciao 
MB Hello everyone from here in bum f*!k nowhere in the Atlantic. Bobbing around in no wind. Grave as that may be, there is graver news. One of the brave Tikkanauts has succumbed to a little known complaint. Daves beard  has grown far bushier and rampant than the hair on the top of of his head. 'Not difficult..' I hear some of you say. Laugh ye not, this is serious. Dave is in fact in the advanced stages of cranial inversion. The top of his head looks as if it should be where his chin is, and vice versa... When he speaks it looks odd and we can't take him seriously... 'No change there...' I hear others of you say. But all is not lost, we have found that if he talks whilst doing a handstand, it all makes sense.
That having been said, he does look quite rugged. He puts me in mind of Charles Hawtrey in Carry on Cleo...
I think, possibly, we've been at sea long enough....
TB DF handle bar moustache is going great guns as mentioned by MB. I have come to the conclusion no matter what way up he is it all makes sense( not !!!!)Really enjoyed the surreal swim yesterday with 4000m depth no land around for at least a thousand miles in any direction and no life guard ! - interesting life experience. Bit concerned at the continued lack of consistent wind - it is what it is more concerning is that we have run out of wine and almost beer but do have water! FB still continues to produce amazing food and for the next week at least the cupboard still offers many culinary delights. Great to talk to families last night although briefly. Missing them. Will have to make a decision in the next couple of days of whether to reschedule fight home ! Pray for wind - heading south to try and get it!
DF As you've already heard,yes my beardy weirdy is getting quite bushy and itchy....however I have bought along my clippers so think I might surprise the sea dogs in the morning with a "Lemmy" style pair of handle bars for them to admire!!!.The mid Atlantic swim can now be ticked off my bucket list..great fun but quite eerie to think not alot around us for hundreds of miles.FB has lost a couple of big fish of the lines  today ,lots of "mumma mia's" thata wasa a big one!!!As for the wind....the day started great with thoughts of before he leaves "maybe a couple of nights in Barbedos with Mike would be nice" but as already said the wind has dropped again..
Tonights movie is "The Enforcer". As i write  the old men of the boat are bitching because I'm taking to long to write my blog....I expect that once the booze runs out on Sunday they will have something else to moan about.....!!!!