Friday !0th 18.44:55N 023.22:18W

Fri 10 Nov 2017 18:04
18.44:55N 023.22:18W
Hi All
MF It has got a lot warmer and humid today feeling proper tropical, we got an e mail this morning from a nearby yacht Beam IV passing a message on from Dave Lucy And Albert on Flying to say That They wouldnt be due in to Mindelo till wed we lost contact with them day 1 although i did get a  clue were they were after emailing Loz and she found them on vessel finder day 3 .
Engine is fine after warning came on last night we sailed all night only three knots but it was quiet and peaceful checked all the levels this morning all good been a mixture of  motor sailing with twins up all day FG has cooked a curry for this evening had the rest of TB pasta bake for lunch luvly chubbly and i think Clint Eastwood and his magnum force are on movie club tonight !!
TB Deciding which punk is going to make my day today - feeling lucky ! Crew decided to use washing machine today for the first time. Having found the instructions it took an hour to work out how to open the door. Not sure if there is a hidden message there? Boat is smelling like the finest perfume and a bed of roses after MB soaked his shoes in freshwater all afternoon. Looking forward to Tuna curry tonight and fascinated to know how many other ways there are to cook tuna!Celestial position only 25 miles out from sat nav today at noonSmile emoticon
MB On watch this morning as the sun came up. A few clouds back lit bright orange, and then lots of flying fish appeared. Is that a shoal or a flock? or a shock... Anyway, it was a pinch yourself moment, or as Jule would say 'clock the moment'. Regarding my shoes. If you were to visit the caves beneath Stilton, you would learn that it takes them over two years to achieve that heady aroma. I, on the other hand, have achieved the same in just five days. I think that says something... Looking forward to a bit of dry land tomorrow.
DF Day 6 on the big brother boat.Had a late one last night watching Dirty Harry  (20.30 hrs) !! so after my watch had a little lie in till 09.30 and once up was immediately handed a delicious bacon and egg sandwich (praise be to Fabbio (forget that Alah bloke))...Received emails from my girls today telling all about their week and netball tournaments and being made captain ....very proud daddy....looking forward to speaking to them in Mindelo on Saturday.MB and I removed the spray hood today and cleaned the windows (maybe a new career  for us when we get back) after that frantic activity we needed a rest and spent the rest of the day reading a book.
FG  engine running well today , yesterday was overheating so we decide to sail over nite so we will arrive in Mindelo tomorrow afternoon , lots of flying fish today DF find one on deck dry and smelly ...not as smelly as MB shoes ... kutis nite on tikka and movie magnum force ... maybe fishing again tomorrro morning as we running short on fresh fish , only 1kg tuna loin left in the fridge.. the boys are very big eater and drink very little !!!!!!!