025 38 N 017 32W

Mon 6 Nov 2017 15:46
025:38 N 017:32 W
Hi Every one - Monday 6th November
After  a Brief few Days in las Palmas Gran Canaria Loz Flew back to the Uk for her last term at work . The Guys arrived for the Atlantic Trip on Friday the 3rd Nov so there is now 5 on Board
Tikka Martin Fennell MF, Tim Browne TB, Dave Fisher DF, Mike Blackman MB,  Fabrizio  Ghislanzoni FG.
TB  Eventful first night with strong following seas but great set up with twin head sails poled out recorded 12 knots sog at one point. Have averaged nearly 8 knots. Took Sun meridian passage sight today and amazingly worked out noon latitude today for the first  time in 28 years !
DF Tim  seems to have forgotten his extended tour of Las Palmas in search of the local   supermarket.....eventually after an hour of driving around every back street twice Tim, Martin and Fabritzio found Carrefour and proceeded to fill four trolleys  of food into the car. Later Dave, Mike and Martin went back (via the back streets of Las Palmas) and filled two more trolleys full of  beer, wine and gin. Happy Days!
MB On watch at 3 am with a following wind gusting 35 knots. Surfing down 4 meters waves - all lit by a bright full moon and 20 degrees of heat. Perfect.,
FG Good choice of sail type... twin poled head sails ,after a 2 hour  battle to put them up going the opposite   way of where
the rest of the Arc was going ....we are now on the way all in good team spirit, hard work ,good food and a few drinks .... NO fishing we are going too fast...
The Crew