Tikka 15th June Position 40 04 477N 024 14 075W

Fri 15 Jun 2018 18:44
Tikka 15th June Position 40 04 477N 024 14 075W
Hi All
After a couple of days in Horta we sailed 150 miles to Ponta Delgado to pick Rob up. He flew in arriving 23:30 Wednesday, after doing  food shop and topping up with Diesel we left on our final leg across the Atlantic. I must at this point confess that I hadn't informed everyone of my change of plans and I know my good friend Tom Jones is a bit concerned of my navigation skills expecting us back in the Med shortly to find us heading North, worry not Tom I have an increasing list of maintenance issues to deal with on Tikka so have decided to take her home to the UK for a couple of months.
Heading North Our First 24hrs as expected we had no wind  have just picked up a 10 knot breeze the Sun is shining and we have the asymmetric spinnaker up going well. By 19:00 the wind had picked up to around 15 knots so we decided to put the asymmetric spinnaker away for the night.
Meanwhile Malin and Augustin have started preparing our food for the evening which we are told is going to be beef wellington.