Tikka 7th June 18 position 37 57 177N 040 22 984W

Thu 7 Jun 2018 16:12
Tikka 7th June 18 position 37 57 177N 040 22 984W
Hi all
Another beautiful sail through the night and Dawn brought us a clear blue sky Barometer is back up to 1020 we've had the big code zero up all morning and had a visit from a large group of whales this morning we went a bit closer to have a better look almost as soon as id made that decision i regretted it there's nothing like a load of Mammals all of which were bigger than Tikka getting a bit to close for comfort to make you worry.
We have now dropped the Zero and sailing under full Main,Jib,and Yankee our speed over ground is 8 knots with 555 miles to go not bad with only 8 days under our belt. Graham and Augustin are polishing the Bright work and Malin is prepping lunch i think Bajun tuna couscous that we caught and froze. We've ran out off fresh fruit and veg the last of which went into a breakfast fruit salad so now on to tinned stuff
We still seem to have plenty of books to read im a bit pissed that i drowned my kindle as reading off an I pad in the sunshine sucks. We watched the killing of Jesse James last night And
i think Backgammon is on for this afternoon