Thursday 9th Nov 20:12 N 21:58 W

Thu 9 Nov 2017 18:27
20:12 N 21:58 W
Hi everyone
        MF Today no wind again NE3 Knts we want to get to Cape Verde sometime soon so are Motoring .DF has gone right around Tikka polishing bright work she is Gleaming ive done 2 more loads of washing and run the water maker made another 300ltrs tanks full FB caught a very large tuna which was proptly dispatched and turned in to steaks for lunch TB used some and has made a very nice looking tuna pasta bake for dinner the rest is in the fridge the freezer is finally frozen solid it was struggling for a few days with quantity of produce in there. We Are currenty having a backgammon session and i believe Dirty harry is playing for movie club tonight i hope the back row are not going to be so rowdy tonight.
         DF Day 5 on the big brother boat,had a good nights kip on the new shift pattern that seems to work well with everyone.We went past a pod of Bottle Nose Dolphins this morning that appeared to be hanging around the corner shop waiting for trouble to appear just as Fabritzio caught a huge tuna...This afternoon we've been listening to a 80's throwback playlist (you've got love Alexander O'Niel and Shalamar (any kids reading this ....ask your mum).Tim is wearing the head chef hat tonight so looking forward to Carole's Tuna bake!!!!!!! Navigator Tim tells us we should make Cape Verde or Yarmouth Saturday morning....
        MB Very light winds again, but we've shot through the fleet using our special 'M' sail. M for motor. Fabs caught a beautiful tuna and filleted it immediately. Out came the wasabi, and the freshest sashimi I've ever had. Delicious. The light winds mean we should hit Cap Verde at Saturday lunchtime. This according to Tim 'Columbus' Browne. His celestial navigation is now spot on. However, just before supper last night he insisted on showing us the in's and out's of his Meridian Passage. Nobody ate much after that.e
        TB (MB is typing this section as TB is incapable of touching the laptop without deleting everything). Doh!
Great day! Started by saying that I would cook tuna pasta bake for supper. Had sorted all the 'tins' and then Fabs went and caught a brand new 'untinned' tuna. So supper is fresh. Have also learnt to play backgammon. Crew still getting to grips with celestial navigation, despite my 'really interesting' tutorial last night. Obviously, everyone was very tired. I have worked out the stars to sight this evening. I think that it's pisces, which means a tall, dark stranger will be in our thoughts at the weekend!
        FG  Engine not very healthy , back on sail with very little winds, 9kts. Luckly coming from our back, so we can still get 4.5 kts with the double genoa ... Tuna pasta in the oven ,thank you TB ... I
think he just burnt him self trying to re light the oven. Looking for tonights movie .... will the beer last now we got no engine???