Tikka 18th June 18 position 45 57 065N 019 48 042W

Mon 18 Jun 2018 13:10
Tikka 18th June 18 position 45 57 065N 019 48 042W
Hi All
Well this morning brings complete Grey from Horizon to Horizon complete with Grey ocean. I am thinking we must be getting near Blighty, winter is back we all have multiple layers on and wet weather gear. Still very little wind,12 knots SW and Barometer steady at 1025 and Lands End 620 miles away.
We ran out of gas this morning i had both my English calor bottles filled in Antigua before we left but both empty, so went to use my European Gaz bottles of which i have three but could not remember were i put the adapter after an hour of pulling every body,s bunks apart and emptying the Lazzerettes i found it in my underwear draw. I think what obvious place to put it 6 months ago, I will be having a word with myself !!.
We are out of Fishing lures as the Critters keep eating them 50 kilo line wire traces and all, So Augustin has just made one out of some colored braided rope and colored plastic bag strips i am impressed, hope the fish are.
The way things are going we should be back in Southampton Next Weekend.