Sat 18th 016:06N 035:42W

Sat 18 Nov 2017 20:46
016:06N 035:42W
Hi All
 MF So Tikka has now got some pace on Finally we are getting some steady trades we're starting to get in the stride Running wing and wing dead downwind waypoint north of Barbados
we got the second charger wired into aux batteries today therefore don't have to run engine for aux electric, so if we keep up the pace we wont have to run engine any more.
We haven't seen another ship, Boat anything for 4 days Nights If the breeze picks up will probably get the twins up again wing and wing is ok but loads more chafing Loz hope you have good pirates of the Caribbean party to night. I've put washing machine on today so hope we wont be smelly pirates by the time we get to Barbados.
MB  Well it's been another fantastic day in the middle of the Atlantic. Sun shining and the wind has increased, we're actually covering some ground. So Easter in Barbados is looking possible.
Apart from an exciting backgammon championship, todays highlight was delving deep into the lazerette locker to retrieve the last three slabs of San Miguel beer. But there were only two! 'Zut Alors!' rang out around the boat - or words along those lines. This discovery was quickly followed by some mental arithmetic regarding how many beers there were in relation to the number of days before we hit Barbados. It wasn't good - somebody had to go. A solemn silence followed as we drew straws. Tim took it on the chin and with great dignity had a Captain Oates moment 'I'm going for a swim, I may be gone for sometime...' We missed him dreadfully for an hour or so, then we had a beer...
DF Day 67 on the big blubber booat....not a lot happening today so decided to have another date with the ships scrubber, spent the day cleaning the curly black hairs from all the crevices around the running rigging and then polishing the top sides to a magnificent sheen....found a 1/4" hole in the forward coamings probably due to something smacking the topsides, so a little repair due there. Captain Pugwash,aka Terry Nutkins,aka Grandad (during the wwar),aka fingers Browne ,aka Tim has been regaling us with stories from his days at sea that involved 12 hrs ashore, helicopter rides, booze, carriage rides around Central Park and nurses and Greek fishing skippers telling Tim's Captain to go f### himself!!!! he also is the most spawny Backgammon player on the boat.The music on the boat has been a mixture of Tim's and mine Mylie Cyrus to Val Doonigan .... judging by the amount of old man finger and toe tapping I think we have a boat full of Beliebers on board!!!!!.
TB OK the beer thing re MB. Having now got  my numerical brain working with pin point accurate celestial navigation I  worked out our current beer consumption would mean a dry ship in the not to distant future so rationing would  be a good idea. Anyway having floated the idea I managed to climb back on board have a beer and reconsider my suggestion - umm. Enjoyed another few games of back gammon with MB who clearly has weighted dice that only ever come up with double  fives but did manage to win a couple of games. To break the boredom  I started reading Partnership for All today by Spedan! Tomorrow I am looking forward to looking out the rectangle window and look at something beginning with S.
FG better winds today we averaging 6 kt under sail engine was last used this morning at 6.30 its now 18.30 ,lots of diesel saved so when the booze are finish ( very soon) we may tuck in the diesel !!!  baked some very good fresh bread today in our very hot and spacious galley , garlic and olive oil extra virgin naturalmont ,the pata negra is also doing very well , we are now down to half leg !! today the genoa on to starboard and the main sail on port side is working very well thanks to MF and DF , the swell is also going our direction so the rocking tonite will be much gentle nite nite every one ......almost forget abbout the mooring buoy but i will tell you tomorrow about it as MF is pressurized to close and send the blog  xx