wednesday !5th November 016.43N 029.12W

Wed 15 Nov 2017 20:12
 016.43N 029.12W
DF         Day 10 on the big brother boooaat, after a fairly tame, drink free few days at the exotic resort of Mindello ,oh no, that was another life when i still had a liver!!!! we finally completed some of the boat jobs,restocked on food and topped up ??? the drinks cabinet. As for Mindello ,well what can I say,if you want a vibrant, foodtastic,modern,clean beach friendly family holiday resort then look Much further coz it was none of the above!!To  give it some credit we did have a couple of good nights in Cafe Mindello as the whatsapp photos show.... So Monday !7.00 hrs after chief navigation officer Terry (Timothy) Nutkins had spent a long time plotting a course to Barbados  we set off into a foggy channel only to find that we had complete navigation failure with none of the instruments reading correctly and us making a course for The George in Yarmouth!!,so after lots of confused stares at each other the hunt was on for the source of the problem................tins  and cables were removed from delicate storage areas of the boat but still no change???still more puzzled looks until it was suggested that maybe the "great sounding Bose" speaker that Terry Nutkins himself had placed earlier in the day, directly over the Giro Compass might be having a slight influence on our instruments?? , with the puzzle  resolved and we could finally turn 90 degrees south and head for the open Atlantic....
MB    Left Mindello on Monday 13th. Daves birthday. So as we disappeared into the fog in the general direction of Barbados, we toasted the old geezer with two bottles of the finest Cava that money can buy. Or rather, two bottles of the dodgy Cava that we found in the local mini-mart. Still, when you get to Daves age, anything that doesn't come through a straw is a bonus.
First night out and the wind really got up. Winds gusting over 30 knots and a boat speed of 11.4 knots surfing. But then it all went wrong just after 2am. The wind dropped to nothing and we were motoring. A lot of motoring been done since then. A bit of sailing but not much.
Drama on board around Tuesday lunchtime. The inverter nearly turned into a BBQ. The inverter gives us the electrical power for things like computers, kettles, TV etc etc. Quite vital. Following Sat phone calls back to a sparky in Blighty, we managed to re-wire / dodge the inverter. Which, thankfully, meant that 'Film Club' could go ahead as planned. Much red wine drunk in celebration.
Wednesday and still very little wind, but the sun's shining. Dave and I might play golf this afternoon.... 
FG    day 3 after leaving Mindello now a lost memory . movie club is a big hit on tikka every day at 18.00  also fishing all day ..and catch nothing .. yesterday a big fish got the better of me and TB as it snap both lines 40kg  .we try to do a little sailing whenever a little wind come about . night shift are sorted on 2.5 hr each watch , my been 6.00 to 8.30 was very lucky to have some very  friendly dolphins keep me company in the early morning hours , lots of marine birds and flying fish , we have not covered much distance but as MF say we will pick up some good winds in the mid Atlantic .... at the moment we are only 320 miles in to our  2100 leg . drinks are flowing and spirits are high .. ciao everyone
Disappointing wind since we left under 5 knots  not good when your 25 tons and full of diesel and water beer wine ect oh and food!! we,ve been playing with sails today although my twin poled out genoa,s work well not in 3 Knots of wind so put the asymmetric poled out on the end of boom with side opening block today spot on !!.
 After our major electrical dilemma yesterday IE No washing Machine, electric kettle, Toaster, microwave ,electric oven, TV, player (movie club) oh and then  unimportant things like water maker, computer no 12 volt lead so no weather info emails luckily sat  phone is 12 volt so we phoned a friend . TB seems to be getting up to speed with meridian passage morning after noon sun sights looking fwd to star sight school .
Anyway  luckily Tikka has big tankage we probably can motor nearly halfway across the Atlantic I'm betting on picking up decent trade winds halfway across otherwise have a good xmas and we will see you in February looking lean fit and detoxed !!
Asta  La vista !!
TB - Bit harsh DF comments re speaker and gyro! Everybody loves the surround sound effect for movie night. I purposely placed speaker in position to prove how important back to basic navigation is Winking smile emoticon Today my am  /pm running plot and meridian passage was within 10 miles of GPS position so there!  Spent today making Sheppard's pie which we have just finished and everyone seemed to enjoy- used Carols trick of marmite for richness and anything else that was in the store cupboard. Relieved that we have managed a work around on the electrics - makes life a bit more comfortable and the fact that the ongoing body aroma should be enhanced where showers will be available with water making facilities. Now doing the 4 to 6.30 watch and have adjusted ships clox to GMT -2 so should be able to do star sights tomorrow morning - cant wait for the amazement and enthusiasm from fellow crew members when i share the delight of sidereal hour angles applied to GHA Aries--- yipeeeee!