Jost Van Dyke - too many famous bars in one day!

Fri 11 May 2018 16:30
18.5.17N 64.45.46W
First stop was just off little Jost Van Dyke - beautiful anchorage with a tiny sand island -which made a perfect lunch stop

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We had to jump in for a snorkel but came face to face with Barry the Barracuda - all 4ft of him with his big teeth, who was hanging out at the back of Tikka. We changed plans and took the dinghy over to the sand island and snorkelled off their instead.

Next stop was White Bay - a pristine beach with stunning turquoise blue waters

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It was time to test out the new lilo which has spaces for several cans of beer - Martin and Augustin drifted ashore on the lilo, and the rest of us swam and towed the dinghy so we could bring money and cameras.

White Bay in home to the famous Soggy Dollar Bar (so named for the soggy dollars used to pay for your drinks after you have swum ashore) and their quintessential Painkiller rum cocktails, so it had to be done...

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Not content with one famous bar we had arranged to meet Flying in the next bay round where Foxys bar is located.

We tied the lilo to the dinghy and with Loz, Malin and Augustin aboard Martin fired up the dinghy and tried to tow us to Tikka but the line snapped. Not to be put off Martin drove the dinghy backwards and Augustin held on the the painter line, Loz and Malin hung off the back of the lilo and surfed back to Tikka.

A quick shower and then it was time for a team night out at Foxys - great BBQ buffet, followed by plenty of rum and even some dancing.

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The team t-shirts went down a storm and Martin ended up giving his away to an American he met.

Some sore heads the following morning and it took us a while to get going!