St Barth

Fri 6 Apr 2018 20:10
17.54.10N 62.51.68W
After the natural peace of Barbuda, Gustavia in St Barth was a very different prospect. Busy French town with lots of bars and restaurants - along with very high end shopping - Prada , Gucci etc. We settled for a couple of St Barth t-shirts - more our budget and we stayed away from the other shops so we didn’t get tempted.

We hired a quad bike and took a tour of the island - had some fabulous views

JPEG image

And found a beautiful beach on the south of the island for a cooling swim (saline bay)

JPEG image

We couldn’t avoid the tiny airport with its small runway looking out to sea.

JPEG image

After the tour we had beer and burgers in Le Select a local institution

We then moved Tikka from Gustavia to Colombier Bay pictured above - lovely place only accessible by boat. Crystal clear water perfect for snorkelling - we saw many turtles, rays and a sand shark.

We had a quiet night on board and got ready to sail up to St Maarten