Thurs 31st May position 33 16 304N 60 09 098W

Thu 31 May 2018 18:20
Thurs 31st Position 33 16 304N 60 09 098W
Hi all
We left Bermuda heading for Horta Azores on tuesday morning catching a window between two depressions one to the north and one to the south so we are stuck in the middle. We motor sailed in light winds from south west yesterday and had a good sail last night but still only managed 130 mile run over 24hrs we have been sailing this morning with a head wind on a close reach  not a cloud in the sky and playing backgammon i have managed to beat all my crew  not surprising as none off them had played before i guess my luck might change on rematches.
Malin cooked Swedish cinnamon buns last night which were rather good on the night watch. We have been doing two hour watches during night hours 10 till 6 so plenty of sleep.
currently under motor 9 knots of wind on the nose Hoping to pick up favorable wind tonight other wise it will a slow crossing I'm glad i bought loads of Diesel.