Tike Aug 17 2018 Position 48 14 166 NO 006 23 553 WE

Fri 17 Aug 2018 16:02
Tikka Aug 17 2018 Position 48 14 166 N 006 23 553 W
Hi all
After Getting all last minute Jobs on Tikka completed  food and essentials stowed we left The Hamble River Wed afternoon. spending a quite uncomfortable night Beating down the Channel wed night We after lost an end cap and all bearings on the port Genoa Traveler during the night we decided to pop into Dartmouth for a quick pit stop and a fried Breakfast arriving at
9 Am and leaving at 1 Pm . We rounded Ushant This Morning and are currently having a Cracking Reach across Biscay at 8 Knts in the sunshine. Simon is getting some beauty sleep and David is keeping watch while  Reading  Gibralter 1000 miles to go. MF