mindelo cape verde

Sun 12 Nov 2017 20:31
Hi All
FG we are in Mindello capo Verde 5 star holiday resort ///!!!!! very hot , a little like Cuba African style 40 years ago the canary island were already 20 years on .. not so bad tomorrow we are leaving at 14.00 . the crossing is going to be  14 ish day winds are good at the moment 15-20 kt but forecast to drop in the next couple of days .... so it could be a lot of motoring = fishing !!!!!
today MF climb the mast and change some setting on the rigging , under the vigilant help of DF TB  .   MB sorted the it and some setting on the email system , all shopping is done  , fuel up ,
Caribbean here we come.
TB - writing this on the floating bar at the end of the pontoon - another tough day at the officeSmile emoticon All repairs carried out - interesting day. Really enjoyed the cultural tour of Mindello last evening organized by MB with scar face - a nice local who does tours for yatchies and I. suspect an alternative line of business.( line being the give away clue)Anyway enjoyed a local band practice and the local ..English lawn tennis club . Had a great meal in a local bar/restaurant - some suspect photos were taken - allegedly ! 
MB  As you sail in towards Cap Verde you get a real sense of the islands being the summits of undersea mountains / volcanoes. Absolutely majestic. However, as you pull into port you realize that there's a real opening here for an architect. The local town planner should be taken out the back of any one of the monstrously ugly buildings and shot. That having been said, there are a few of the original Portuguese house around. The locals are very friendly and helpful, but you get a distinct feeling that it's tough living here. But we're softies from UK, so what do we know.
Had a great night out last night. Went to a bar/restaurant local to the marina. Great food and live music. Also a waitress who's chest appeared to defy all the rules of gravity, nature and everything else. Which was nice. If anybody is interested, I have pictures. Suffice to say, we're going back there tonight......hoorray!
MF So after 6 nights in the Atlantic we arrived Mindello cape Verde needless to say thick head this morning we blew a halyard block 2 days ago so up the rig sorted TB FG MB did our top up shopping needless to say it was mainly liquid to support our movie club, we have topped up with diesel I'm happy with our water maker so haven't topped up couple jobs to do in morning then off next stop Bridgetown Mon!!
DF Arrived about 16.00 hrs on Saturday afternoon after a great sail/motor sail into Mindello.Refuelled and went to a pontoon mooring.Mindello has been interesting to say the least. After Mike found a new "friend" we where given a tour of the seedier side of Mindello....Stumbled across a great bar/cafe and had a fab night of food n booze...
Sunday was a day of maintenance..sent marty farty pants up the mast to fix a broken block  and then decided that the kind offer of a very light 20 year old  Tom from the boat next door was a much better option for Tim and I than hauling the old walrus up the rig...
After a very hot sweaty day of jobs we sent Mike and Tim on a recy and found a cool bar with a pool ( decided it was best to keep our heads out the water as obviously Chlorine is a dirty word in Mindello).
So now its 19.20 and heading out for some scram