Wed 30th may 18 position 33 06 093N 062 018 164W

Wed 30 May 2018 15:23
Tikka 30th may 2018  pos 33 06 093N 062 018 164W
Hi all well after leaving Bermuda yesterday morning it hasn't stopped raining we had to scary looking water spouts heading our way that certainly got my attention. the wind completely dissapeared overnight so ran und motor all night and a miserably 24 hour run off 122 miles. We are sailing this morning but only 10 knts sw.  Augustin is making a
pasta bake for lunch. And i am drying all our clothes in the Engine room and then we will be having a afternoon Matinee lethal weapon 1 will be showing and popcorn.
The Captain is saying the truth, I am baking pasta. food is very important, even if we are not very hungry. I throw a line behind the boat and i hope some big fish will be there before dinner. If not, we will eat the youngest crew.