Dominica details

Sat 17 Mar 2018 19:20
Just looked at our last post about Dominica and we were so caught up with being in awe of the place I realised we haven’t given any details on what we actually did!

We did the Indian River trip and yes the tree canopy has gone but as you can see from the photos it’s still stunning and the greenery is coming back. We saw the remains of the witches house from Pirates of the Caribbean 2, land crabs, birds and iguanas. We had some lethal rum punch in a bar at the botanical garden at the top of the river before heading back down. We got to have a wander through the town before being picked up and delivered back to Tikka. That evening Avin (one of the pays boat group and our river guide), picked us up and took us ashore so we could have dinner in a local restaurant on the beach (Mahiba - great food, wine and rum).

The following day we had the island tour in a taxi - a full day picked up at 8 and dropped off at 7pm, we were with Gloria and Mike from Boston who we met the day before on the river trip and Brian and Agnes from Scotland so we all soon swapping sailing tales. Paul our guide chatted non stop about the island, his life, Maria and the history & culture and how they are rebuilding after the devastation. We saw some spectacular botanical gardens which housed a small (but very delicious) chocolate maker, so we had to buy a few bars. We then went to the the reservation of the carib (actually kalinago) people to hear about their history and see traditional buildings and crafts -despite what was depicted in pirates of the Caribbean (we saw more siwghta from the film), they were not cannibals.

I finally managed to tick off swimming in a pond under a waterfall at the Unesco world
Heritage site - emerald pool. It was blissfull.

We drove back along the coast as the sun was setting so saw some glorious sites along with bridges that had been destroyed by Maria and prior to that Erica, along with flooded villages.

Got back to Tikka tired but happy.

Next stop Iles des Saints at the bottom of Guadeloupe.