Tue 2 Jan 2018 16:41
The last week has been busy, we had a very rocky night anchored off St Vincent, and then sailed to Bequia which was really beautiful and definitely on the list to revisit. Had Christmas lunch at Jacks bar overlooking the beach. On our way in to the bay Kenmore the local photographer was hanging off his dinghy taking photos and we now have a great picture of Tikka under sail (unfortunately not full sails as it had been really windy).

We spent two nights in Bequia before heading off to Tobago Cays where we had lobster dinner on the beach. We were going to snorkel but one of the snorkels took a dive off the boat, and despite Martin diving in to get it he only managed to rescue half of it!

On that note - list of things that have gone overboard or just ‘disappeared’...
One flip flop (Martins - he also lost one in Menorca!)
Barbecue brush
Boat hook
Numerous pegs
Martin and his phone (obviously retrieved both of these but there’s no hope for the phone)

From Tobago Cays we had a night in Carriacou before heading to Grenada where we dropped off our guests and spent two nights in the was rather grey and overcast so we spent a day being tourists and took a taxi tour of the island with the world grumpiest taxi driver! We saw a rum distillery where they still make rum by hand the same manner they have done for hundreds of years. They make rum for the local market and at 75% alcohol (alcohol not proof), it is so strong you can’t legally take in on a plane so they make a tourist version at just 69% alcohol. Obviously after the tour we had a tasting and I think we are still breathing fire. Declined seconds on that one - first time ever for Martin turning down alcohol. We also visited a chocolate plantation - didn’t know that cocoa pods looked like that or that when they are laid out to dry they are turned by ladies walked up and down the trays in bare feet - cheesy chocolate anyone?

The last two days we have spent in Prickly Bay in the south of Grenada after a particularly wet and soggy sail round from the Marina in St George’s.

Heading north tomorrow as our new watermaker motor has arrived from France and is waiting for us in Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

Happy New Year to everyone
Martin & Loz