Bye bye Darwin

Sat 24 Jul 2010 07:19
Position 11.54S  130.02E
After a terrific 4 weeks in Darwin we left the lock this morning, headed for Indonesia. Out of the 110 boats that departed for either the Banda Island--the old Spice Islands-- we are the only motor boat. As we try to learn some Indonesian words we are helped by the talk on the radio by the two Indonesian fisheries vessel crew who are accompanying the fleet.
Provisioning in Darwin has been a pretty big job, with meat, spirits and wine the top priorities.I rather over estimated the amount of meat our freezer would hold, with the result that we have had several diiner parties this week to try to use some of it. I was very touched this morning when Christo, our local Greek restaurantaur came to the boat with a container full of the best taramsalata in Darwin.
There are four of us on board--with Barry Costa, an ex-Navy helicopter pilot, wi have a very capable crew.
Bruce's weather forecast is mixed, but as we travel up the west coast of Melville Island it's been fairly smooth so far.
There will be more news tomorrow from the Arafura Sea.