Change of Plans

Tue 9 Oct 2007 15:26
Tuesday, October 10
Just before sunset last evening we looked again at the weather forecast and decided that rain and local storms for Madeira on Thursday were less attractive than sunshine in Lazarote. So we changed course and headed down the coast of Morocco. With poled out headsail and a following wind of 20 to 25 knots we have covered over 200 miles in the last 24 hours. We think the wind will ease so it will not be possible to maintain this speed but we still expect to get to Lazarote tomorrow evening.
With the boat bucking about quite a bit Peter Beloe had managed tip beer and gin and tonic over the skipper. Revenge is sweet so following a delicious lunch today a pint of double cream for a Marks and Spencers blackberry and apple pie fell off the cockpit table into Peter's lap. His only pair of long trousers are now hanging out to dry.