Fw: Storyteller, Day 3

Wed 12 Mar 2008 19:58
Position, 05.27S  96.58W

The iron headsail has been pushing us in a south easterly direction for the past 24 hours as we move toward the promised and eagerly awaited trade winds. Its not all bad though as the power the engine generates enables us to charge the batteries, fill the fresh water tanks and make ice. A boat ahead of us has just reported that they have just entered a line of 12kt SE trade winds so we should get to that position early this evening. We crossed paths (within 200 metres) with a phantom yacht very early this morning. It wouldn't answer radio calls so we have no idea who it was. It certainly wasn't part of our rally fleet. It is a lonely ocean out here so it is most unusual to come across another boat
 The crew are mowing through the extensive on board library and Sue is absorbed in the CDs of the Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. We are all well and getting plenty of sleep.